Love is the Liberator

From Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

“Cast Out Demons”

September 2017

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Boston Light — little Brewster Island (outer Boston Harbor), Massachusetts

Boston Light was the first light station in North America and is the country’s oldest continuously used lighthouse site. The original structure, built in 1716, was destroyed during the Revolutionary War. Rebuilt in 1783, it has been called “the ideal American lighthouse.” Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964, it is the only manned lighthouse in the United States.

“Cleanse the Lepers”

Elisha and Naaman

From Plainfield Church Bible Study

Naaman was a great and highly respected soldier who had won many battles. He was the chief commander of the army of Syria, and second in command to the king, but he became a leper. Leprosy was at that time believed to be a highly contagious disease, incurable and fatal; and those with it were separated from the general population.

Even though Naaman had position, money, and power, it couldn’t save him from this dreaded disease. Naaman was confident in his worldly knowledge, his power and abilities. His real need, however, was to learn that God is the only intelligence, the only power, and that He reigns supreme over all.

One day a little house maid, who had been captured from Israel, told her mistress of a prophet in Israel who could heal her husband, Naaman. The life of this little servant must have been consistent with her religion. Her purity, innocence, and love shone through, and Naaman’s wife trusted the words she spoke.

The king of Syria, who loved Naaman, sent him forth to find the prophet, with caravans of gold, silver, and other treasures. Naaman first came to the king of Israel, thinking he was the prophet to heal him. But the king knew nothing about the prophet Elisha — he was completely unaware of the miracles the prophet had been performing in his own country! The little maid had more understanding and wisdom than the king!

When Naaman, being a proud man, reached Elisha, he expected to be treated with great respect. Elisha knew Naaman’s need was for humility, so he didn’t even come out of his house, but directed his servant to tell Naaman to dip himself in the Jordan seven times. Naaman was highly offended. The Jordan was a muddy river, not beautiful like the rivers of Syria — he stormed off in a rage.

Naaman’s servants said to him, “Father [a term of respect], if he asked you to do some great thing, wouldn’t you have done it?” Naaman listened to what the servants said — they spoke the word in season.

So Naaman dipped himself into the Jordan, and he was cleansed — the leprosy was gone. He offered Elisha the treasures he had brought, but Elisha refused. He knew that would have fed his pride, and Elisha was wise enough to know Naaman’s real need was to humble himself before God.

Do we have notions about what we will and won’t do when we go to a practitioner for healing? Naaman just wanted the sickness healed, but he needed to learn the lesson of humility and to become purified. If we don’t learn the lesson, the problem will come back. It is necessary to get to the root of the problem. Error tempts us to repeat the offense. Going back to the old ways, old habits — the old man — we’ll have to start all over again.

There is no safer place to be than on our knees. We have to be willing to be obedient to the Father. As Mary Baker Eddy says, “A little more grace, a motive made pure, a few truths tenderly told, a heart softened, a character subdued, a life consecrated, would restore the right action of the mental mechanism, and make manifest the movement of body and soul in accord with God.” (Mis. 354)

The Manner of
Truth’s Appearing

Katherine White

Christian Science Journal, 1907

From the healing of Naaman, besides the lesson of his necessity for humility; we learn that the human mind was the same in far-away lands and bygone ages as it is in our midst to-day. Although Naaman did not reject the message of God’s healing power, he resented the method of healing because it was unconventional, unexpected, and failed to fit in with his expectations. Had he continued in this mental attitude, he certainly would not have been healed of the leprosy.

There does seem to be antagonism to any message of Truth which does not come in the way expected. The first great religious teacher and leader, Moses, was the meekest of men, but it is not from among the meek of the earth that the world expects to find its national, social, or religious leaders. Yet Moses combined these three offices, and led the children of Israel. When Israel was expecting its Messiah, it looked for him to come as a great king or military commander, who would restore it to all its ancient material splendor, position, and power; but he was found as a “babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.”

Our chief concern, as Naaman learned, should be not how the message of Truth is sent to us, but how we should receive it. Those who really want “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” do not quarrel with the how or whence of its coming, but accept it with unquestioning obedience and with grateful thanks to God and to his Messenger.

So long as we waste time in arguing, we shall never make progress in understanding. In this, as in so many other matters, Jesus turned the way of the world upside-down. He said, “If any man will do his [God’s] will, he shall know of the doctrine.” Most of us want to work the other way, and learn the doctrine before we do the will.

Christian Science, following the method of Jesus, tells us we must put into practice the little we know in order to gain more understanding. Obedience is the royal road to progress. It was not the waters of Jordan that healed Naaman of his leprosy; it was the giving up of his pride and prejudice, and his obedience to the demand of Truth that healed him and revealed the true God and His healing power to human consciousness.

2 Kings 5: 14

Then went he down, and dipped himself seven times in Jordan, according to the saying of the man of God: and his flesh came again like unto the flesh of a little child, and he was clean.

From Pulpit and Press

A newspaper clipping described a sermon given by Judge Hanna. “The music was spirited, and the selections from the Bible and from Science and Health were finely read by Judge Hanna. Then came his sermon, which dealt directly with the command of Christ to ‘heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.’ In his admirable discourse Judge Hanna said that while all these injunctions could, under certain conditions, be interpreted and fulfilled literally, the special lesson was to be taken spiritually — to cleanse the leprosy of sin, to cast out the demons of evil thought.”

“Ye shall Be Clean”

John B. Willis

Christian Science Sentinel, 1905

Jesus’ teaching that purity must characterize every aspect of the Spirit-impelled life — the within and the without, the impulse and its expression, the thought and its statement — was clearly apprehended by Paul, when he exhorted that we “cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

Paul’s injunction takes note of both “flesh and spirit,” — person and mentality. How often have we begun the day with a bath, and having made our bodies clean and wholesome, proceeded to open our thoughts to the tidal sewage of the world’s abnormality until its contaminating debris has been deposited in every fair cloister of thought, — yes, at its very altars! Surely, if consciousness would be “clean every whit,” then these corrupting streams must be excluded. He who lends a willing ear to the daily description of the world’s sicknesses, catastrophes, and crimes, is exposing his treasures to thieves and robbers.

Jesus said, “That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.” Cleanliness means conformity to law. It blossoms in scientific exactness, lucidity, and refinement of thought. Clearness, chasteness, and beauty of expression is the only fitting channel for right ideas, and not only impurity, but indefiniteness of statement should be classed as an offence from which we are to escape at whatever cost. We do well to remember the old adage, “Nothing is more trying than dirt” — the dirt of confusion.

The divine ordering is clean. In it alone is found strength, unity, authority, dominion, harmony, peace, — for it is in obedience to right.

From Miscellaneous Writings

Mary Baker Eddy

Go and tell what things ye shall see and hear; how the blind, spiritually and physically, receive sight; how the lame, those halting between two opinions or hobbling on crutches, walk; how the physical and moral lepers are cleansed; how the deaf — those who, having ears, hear not, and are afflicted with “tympanum on the brain” — hear; how the dead, those buried in dogmas and physical ailments, are raised; that to the poor — the lowly in Christ, not the man-made rabbi — the gospel is preached. Note this: only such as are pure in spirit, emptied of vainglory and vain knowledge, receive Truth.

Cleansed of Doubt and Hopelessness

Luanne Tucker

A few years ago, I was given the phone number of a practitioner from Plainfield Church. I knew nothing about Christian Science or what a practitioner was. I came into it with a huge trust issue, because I had been let down all my life by so many people who made promises they could not keep. I was hurting badly and felt that this was the last door I would ever open. I was so afraid that if I put my trust in this practitioner and she let me down, I would have no other place to turn.

With all my preconceived notions in hand, I called, thinking, what can she say that I have not already heard? I am not quite sure what she did say, but what I heard was, “Be still my child and I will lead you out of the darkness.” I definitely never heard that before. She told me I had worth and I was the daughter of the King. I never heard that before, either. But it moved me and I was pretty sure I was where I needed to be. The practitioner was not like all the rest, who trampled my trust into the ground. But still, I had doubt, and I tested her every day. I challenged her to show me the proof that I could trust. Show me the proof that God was real and He does not want me to suffer anymore. Show me the proof that Christian Science heals.

Day by day she worked with me, opening my thought to Truth. It took a while and many rebukes to submit to the level of humility required to hear God and to trust these truths so that I may be healed. And healings of impossible conditions came, one after another. The many testimonies I have given are proof that Christian Science heals. For me it started with trusting, just one more time.

I took a chance, a leap of faith. Call it what you will, but trusting practitioner was the first step to trusting God. In Mary Baker Eddy’s Message of 1902 (p. 4), she says, “Follow your Leader, only so far as she follows Christ.” My practitioner is following Christ, the fruits of her work are proof, and because of that, I am learning to follow Christ as well.

I am deeply grateful for everything I have been given, for the patience and divine love that was shown to me by this practitioner, for the courage she revealed in me to trust and to persist, which I have come to cherish, that keeps me working to overcome the challenges I must face. One thing is for sure, I will not be facing them alone, and I am grateful to God for that.

“As They Went, They Were Cleansed”

Mary I. Mesechre

Christian Science Journal, January 1910

And as they went, to them the cleansing came.

The word was spoken, and they turned to go, —

Obedient to his voice who bade them show

Themselves unto the priest, — in look the same

As when his aid they sought. Did sense of shame

Beset them as they slowly turned about

At his command? Did any lurking doubt

Cause loitering? What matter? He whose name

Had sounded in their ears with loud acclaim,

Commanded them to go, and as they went,

Lo, they were cleansed! They who with garments rent

Had cried “Unclean! unclean!” in bitter shame,

Were cleansed and healed. But of the ten who came

Eager for aid, but one returned to kneel

In humble gratitude. Did none else feel

Such thankfulness, when to all healing came?

We know not. But ah! can we, dare we, blame

Those thoughtless ones, when we, who oft have heard,

And felt, in direst need, the healing word,

Go calmly on, unheeding? Nay, in shame

Let us keep silence, till with him who came

In humble praise, we seek the Master’s feet

To render thanks that each obedience sweet

Fresh proof reveals of Christ’s most potent name.

From Christian Science Journal, 1888

E. H. Sears

To be dependent on others for sympathy and comfort makes you weak. To be self-dependent makes you weaker still; for that fails you in the day of your greatest need. To become independent is a dream of your pride; for no such thing is possible. To become dependent on God makes you strong.

Thanks Be to God

Max Dunaway

Thanks be to God for morning’s cheering light

Which touches earth with gold and ends the night.

And thanks be too that Truth beheld in thought

Transforms with love and heals a life distraught.

Thanks be to God that gladdening warmth of day

Causes earth to bloom with colors rich and gay.

And thanks that men by Love’s glad law renewed

Bring forth good works with joy and gratitude.

Thanks be to God that earth responds to sun,

Reflects its light, and shows what it has done.

And thanks that man and everything that lives

Respond to God and prove the good He gives.

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From Mrs. Eddy

From Divinity Course and General Collectanea, (the “Blue Book”)

Mary Baker Eddy

The real Christian Science compact is love for one another. This bond is wholly spiritual and inviolate. It should never be violated in thought or action even for the sake of maintaining the purity of the letter of Christian Science. For the spirit, the reflection of divine Love, is always more important than the letter. (See Miscellaneous Writings 91: 10.)

I saw the love of God encircling the universe and man, filling all space, and that divine Love so permeated my own consciousness that I loved with Christ-like compassion everything I saw. This realization of divine Love called into expression the beauty of holiness, the perfection of being (S. & H. 253: 2) which healed and regenerated and saved all who turned to me for help.

My body is not a toxin factory; it is the substance of Love, the reflex of Soul. This omnipresent Truth is an antidote to all poison, both internal and external.

From Lessons of the Seventh Day, page 338

The difference between Science and faith-healing: one makes the healed know God; the other simply heals the physical. Faith-healing is not really healing, or else the patient would be one with God.

Do not think because you “heal,” you are a Christian Scientist — as medicine heals as regards the senses, and so does error. A Christian Scientist heals the moral as well as the physical.

From Essays and Other Footprints, (the “Red Book”)

Mary Baker Eddy

Over the track of time, swept clean by the winds of centuries, methinks I behold the untiring zeal, the struggling hope, and the pure faith of the Christian martyrs, and I see the right hand of their blessed fellowship take hold of this hour — healing the palsied palm, cleansing the leper’s conscience, plucking the feathers from the plumes of vanity, and Christian charity once more brooding with white wing over the churches, saying unto them, ‘Thou that killest the prophets and stonest them, how oft would I have gathered thee under my wings as a hen doth her chickens, but ye would not. Behold your house is left unto you desolate’; in other words — the Spirit that healeth hath fled. Well might the prophet say — for Zion’s sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until the righteous thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth. When I remember thee, O Zion, with healing in thy wings; thy walls were salvation and thy gates praise. We ought to set our light upon a hill that others, seeing our good works, may be led to Christ, Truth, the fount of all healing.

The sweet, sacred sense and permanence of man’s unity with his Maker, in Science, illumines our present existence with the ever-presence and power of God, good.

Miscellaneous Writings, page 196

The Picket’s Song

Alice May Youse

“Jesus, Lover of my soul,

Let me to Thy bosom fly:

While the waters near me roll,

While the tempest still is high.”

It was on an ocean steamer,

And one voice above the rest,

Beautiful, pure, rich and mellow,

All the air with music blest.

Something more, a faint remembrance

Broke upon the listener’s ear.

“Yes,” he thought, “’tis not the first time

That sweet voice is mine to hear.”

Silence followed. Then the stranger

Stept up to the singer rare,

“Were you in the Civil War, sir?”

“A Confederate, I was there.”

Then a time, a place, were mentioned.

“Were you?” “Yes, and strange to say

This same hymn was then my comfort,

That you hear us sing today.

“Dark the night, so cold and dreary,

And my boyish heart felt low,

Pacing there on sentry duty,

Dangerously near the foe.

Midnight came, the darkness deepened,

Thoughts of home, foreboding brought.

So, for comfort, prayer and singing,

Dissipated gloomy thought.

“‘All my trust on Thee is stayed,

All my hope from Thee I bring,

Cover my defenseless head

With the shadow of Thy wing.’

Then a strange peace came upon me,

No more fear and gloom that night,

Dawn came, heralding the morrow

Ere the first faint streak of light.”

Then the other told his story;

“I, a Union soldier, true,

In those woods that very evening,

With my scouts was passing through.

You were standing, and our rifles

Covered you. We heard you sing:

‘Cover my defenseless head

With the shadow of Thy wing!’

“’Twas enough, ‘Boys,’ I said, ‘Come,

Lower rifles; We’ll go home.’”

Whatever experience you are having, my dear child, remember it can only be of good, for God is All-in-all and that debars all except good from ever even appearing to you.

Herbert Eustace

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No one is loyal to the Truth, to himself, to his God, or is worthy of Heaven, who has not faith enough, pluck enough, patience enough, to endure, without fainting, apparent defeat and delayed rewards.

Christian Science Journal, 1887

To those good people whose healing seems to be delayed, let it be said that no right effort is wasted. Every attempt to think and act along the lines mapped out by Christian Science brings you one step nearer to relief. The way of escape is prepared. Others have already found it. That you will do so is as certain as that the Eternal reigns.

Peter V. Ross

The problem can be solved or it would not be given you, for God never asks impossibilities.

Mary I. Mesechre

True protection lies not in outward circumstances but in spiritual thinking.

Martha Wilcox

The Lord’s Prayer is not a petition. It is a declaration of the oneness of Mind and its idea.

Herbert W. Eustace

There is no place where Mind is not, so there is no place where the voice of Mind is not heard. And that Mind is your Mind, so you cannot be less than all-powerful in world affairs.

Herbert W. Eustace

Blessed is the memory of those who have kept themselves unspotted from the world; yet more blessed are those who have kept themselves unspotted in the world.

Jameson (CSJ 1887)

We should every day begin the morning by affirming that there is just one Mind, seeing that the day can bring nothing less than divine unfoldment.

Bicknell Young

We must be led. But we shan’t be dragged. We’ve got to take every single step ourselves, and choose to take it as it comes.


To be inspired and yet practical is something of a problem to many good people, but the fact is that no one is ever inspired unless he is practical.

Bicknell Young

It is not time that heals, but Truth that heals, and never fails to heal.

Violet Ker Seymer

Daniel is the type of true Christian Scientist. In the presence of lions, he turned his back upon them, and his face toward

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From the Early Workers


Alexander F. Primrose

Christian Science Sentinel, 1921

There is no one who does not encounter bullying in some form or another. In fact, whenever a man is afraid, he will be bullied, because fear is the belief that there is some power besides Love.

Fear, the root of bullying, is like the darkness which vanishes into its native nothingness before the light of Truth. Ceasing to be afraid of the bully, whether it is called ill health, business misfortune, unhappiness, or personality, gives one immediate freedom. “But how can I get rid of my troubles?” is the question which is continually being asked. “I have tried to resist them bravely and to fight against them, but it is of no use.”

The sufferer thinks that he is fighting against a reality instead of against an illusion. This only makes the lie seem more real, and gives it the only power it could ever seem to have to harm him. But once a man begins to understand through Christian Science even a little of the facts of existence as they really are, he will begin to free himself from the shackles of his own belief. Gradually he begins to see that at the bottom of all his troubles is the belief that there is some power besides God, which seems to influence his actions and haunt his footsteps.

Most people will admit that God is all-powerful and all-wise and that His power cannot be challenged, but they do not realize that the “something” which seems to challenge this allness of Deity is only a counterfeit of the truth. Now this “something,” which people call devil or evil, counterfeits infinite Life, Truth, and Love in every way possible. It is essentially a cheat and a deceiver; but so long as one goes on thinking that it is true, it will never let him alone or give him a moment’s rest. It will seem to haunt him at every turn, until it drives him to rediscover what God, Principle, is.

Sooner or later everybody will be forced to see that the only way to stop being bullied is to cease being afraid of the bully. Now this becomes easy once it is realized that there never was and never can be a power apart from God. The struggle at first may not seem easy, but that is only because we do not unravel all our snarls of fear in a day. The path, however, is straight and direct, if we will keep going right ahead.

The method of treating every problem in Christian Science is the same, and one has only to apply it faithfully. As Mrs. Eddy says on page 410 of Science and Health, “Christian scientific practice begins with Christ’s key-note of harmony, ‘Be not afraid!’”

Freedom Through Truth

A Truth-Seeker

Christian Science Journal 1887

And the truth shall make you free.” (John) Free from what? From the bondage of physical sense, sin, and suffering.

Were the gracious promises of Christ given without meaning? Were his disciples, whom he sent into the world to preach the Gospel and heal the sick, commanded to do the impossible? Are not they who believe today also his Disciples?

Come and learn of Christian Science, how he fulfills his word; how he gives rest to the heavy-laden; how his divine Truth today, as well as of old, heals the sick and feeds the soul.

Every spiritual re-awakening to Divine Truth and its demonstration is followed by hosts of imitations and counterfeits. Mind-curers, mesmerists, spiritualists, spring up in multitudes, striving to reap the honor and glory they have not sown, trying to flaunt in borrowed splendor.

Let the name of Christian Science be its own introduction; for it is what it claims to be, the Metaphysics of Christ. Its demonstrations — not only by healing, but by the power of spiritual stimulus — prove that we are permitted to understand (at least in part) the secret he proclaimed for the hope and the healing of the nations; but the world, “having ears to hear,” heard not.

Come thou, and learn from Christian Science how the “still small voice of Spirit,” may pierce the deafness of material sense, and bring you a realization of the glorious Truth, that we are the “children of God, and joint-heirs, with Christ,” of harmony and glory. We are made in God’s image, and only in perfection can we reflect Him.

With more understanding we have more harmony of body, more enlightenment of Spirit. Come, and learn with David, that “He is the health of my countenance, and my God.”

Humility in its true sense brings with it a feeling of quietness and confidence. We cease our feeble struggles, and rest in God’s goodness. Humility brings a true sense of worship and aspiration, in which the “still small voice” of Truth is heard saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it”; and, obeying, we gain dominion.

Maude E. Bee

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History Corner

“Look Unto Me”

Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) was a preacher and author in England during the time of Mary Baker Eddy. Mrs. Eddy thought highly of his writings and sermons, and often quoted him in the early Journals and Sentinels. This excerpt from one of his sermons tells the touching story of his awakening to the Word of God, at age 15. — Editor

I sometimes think I might have been in darkness and despair until now had it not been for the goodness of God in sending a snowstorm, one Sunday morning, while I was going to a certain place of worship. When I could go no further, I turned down a side street, and came to a little Primitive Methodist Chapel. In that chapel there may have been a dozen or fifteen people. I had heard of the Primitive Methodists, how they sang so loudly that they made people’s heads ache; but that did not matter to me. I wanted to know how I might be saved, and if they could tell me that, I did not care how much they made my head ache.

The minister did not come that morning; he was snowed in, I suppose. At last, a very thin-looking man went up into the pulpit to preach. Now, it is well that preachers should be instructed; but this man was really stupid. He was obliged to stick to his text, for the simple reason that he had little else to say. The text was, — “Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth.”

He did not even pronounce the words rightly, but that did not matter. There was, I thought, a glimpse of hope for me in that text.

The preacher began, “My dear friends, this is a very simple text indeed. It says, ‘Look.’ Now lookin’ don’t take a deal of pains. It ain’t liftin’ your foot or your finger; it is just, ‘Look.’ Well, a man needn’t go to college to learn to look. You may be the biggest fool, and yet you can look. A man needn’t be worth a thousand a year to be able to look. Anyone can look; even a child can look. But then the text says, ‘Look unto Me.’ Ay!” said he, in broad Essex, “many of ye are lookin’ to yourselves, but it’s no use lookin’ there. You’ll never find any comfort in yourselves. Some of ye say, ‘We must wait for the Spirit’s workin’.’ You have no business with that just now. Look to Christ. The text says, ‘Look unto Me.’”

When he had gone to about that length, and managed to spin out ten minutes or so, he was at the end of his tether. Then he looked at me under the gallery, and I daresay, with so few present, he knew me to be a stranger. Just fixing his eyes on me, as if he knew all my heart, he said, “Young man, you look very miserable.” Well, I did; but I had not been accustomed to having remarks made from the pulpit on my personal appearance before. However, it was a good blow, struck right home. He continued, “and you always will be miserable — miserable in life, and miserable in death, — if you don’t obey my text; but if you obey now, this moment, you will be saved.” Then, lifting up his hands, he shouted, as only a Primitive Methodist could do, “Young man, look to Jesus Christ. Look! Look! Look! You have nothin’ to do but to look and live.”

I saw at once the way of salvation. I know not what else he said, — I did not take much notice of it, — I was so possessed with that one thought. Like as when the brazen serpent was lifted up, the people only looked and were healed; so it was with me. I had been waiting to do fifty things, but when I heard that word, “Look!” what a charming word it seemed to me! Oh! I looked until I could almost have looked my eyes away. There and then the cloud was gone, the darkness had rolled away, and that moment I saw the sun; and I could have risen that instant, and sung with the most enthusiastic of them, of the precious Christ, and the simple faith which looks alone to Him. Oh, that somebody had told me this before, “Trust Christ, and you shall be saved.”

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Current Articles

God’s Perfect Plan

Dede De Almeida

How wonderful it is to realize the peace that comes from allowing God’s perfect plan to unfold in our lives.

In Jeremiah 29:11 we read: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

When there is something we desire, such as progress in employment, an improved living situation, finding the right care or school for our children, planning a trip, etc., it is very important not to try to figure things out ourselves, by doing extensive research, seeking the opinions of others, analyzing, calculating, and so on, which is what I used to do! Learning in Christian Science about the unfoldment of God’s plan, and how each day is a purposeful part of that plan, makes me think of how the petals of a flower unfold, at just the right time and under the right conditions, with no need for human interference. It makes it clear that this is how we should continue to view the unfoldment of God’s plan in all areas of our lives.

Mrs. Eddy makes a beautiful statement on page 506 of Science and Health: “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.” This statement affirms that God has already done anything that needs to be done, according to His perfect plan, with order and harmony in every detail. This means what we need to do is to have the confidence and courage to remain calm, quiet, and patient while waiting for the right answer or result to be revealed to us — to take ourselves out of the way and let God’s will be done in all areas of our lives.

Finding Hope in God

Jeremy Palmer

The Bible says, “hope thou in God.” (Ps. 42) When life gets really tough and we feel there is no hope, the only sure answer is to remember this promise from God, and ask for His help. I know it works.

In the decades before coming to Plainfield, my life became increasingly negative, godless, and less and less worth living. As time went on, I found myself starting to dream of a time where life could be better, although I had no idea how that could ever happen. This made me more frustrated by the day, until I could no longer even pretend to hope for more.

It wasn’t until I reached bottom and finally asked God for His help that things started to change. It was then that I found the Plainfield Church and began working with a practitioner here. I am very grateful that God heard me — and I know He heard me because of how quickly my life changed, and how it keeps changing for the better. It is clear now to me that if I keep building with the bricks that God gives me, the structure of my life will continue to grow into something I never could have even dreamed of before.

Because of this, I’ve begun to have an excited expectation about Life. I’m finding a purpose in life, a joy, an inspiration, which I never thought possible. It has helped me to see how practical Christian Science is, how important this mission of bringing this genuine Christian Science to all mankind is, and how certain it is that all real needs will be met by it! And this wonderful way of life is available to everyone — “hope thou in God.”

“I Met God in the Morning”

Ralph Spaulding Cushman

I met God in the morning,

When my day was at its best

And His presence came like sunrise,

Like a glory in my breast.

All day long the Presence lingered;

All day long He stayed with me;

And we sailed in perfect calmness

O’er a very troubled sea.

Other ships were blown and battered,

Other ships were sore distressed,

But the winds that seemed to drive them

Brought to us a peace and rest.

Then I thought of other mornings,

With a keen remorse of mind.

When I too had loosed the moorings

With the Presence left behind.

So, I think I know the secret,

Learned from many a troubled way;

You must seek Him in the morning

If you want Him through the day.



In Collectanea, Mary Baker Eddy gives the following two instructions in regard to Watching: “WATCH — . . . sit down and first get yourself into a consciousness of your power with God, and then take up the Outside Watch. Sit until this is clear, — if two hours.” “WATCH — . . . take up the Watch every two hours as long as you live or until you can make the right side real to your consciousness.”

Why the inside watch is more important than the outside watch: The Bible story of Esther tells of a young Jewish woman who marries the Persian king who had conquered the land of Babylon. As queen, assisted by Mordecai, her cousin and guardian, she saves the remaining Jews from a plot to destroy them.

When Mordecai refuses to pay homage to Haman, a high official, Haman becomes infuriated and plots to destroy all the Jews. Mordecai reports this plot to Esther. Esther tells him to “Go, gather together all the Jews in Shushan, and fast ye for me, three days: I also will fast likewise; and so will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law: and if I perish, I perish.” After the three days, Esther goes to the king to reveal Haman’s plot, and Haman is hung on the gallows. Esther’s faith and courage saves her people.

Esther had to overcome the initial shock of receiving the information about Haman, and this took her three days to do: this was her inside watch. Only then was she able to fulfill all the requirements of a good outside watch, directly influencing the outside world for good, informing the king directly in his presence (that is, exposing error boldly and effectively in the Presence of God, not by letter alone but by Spirit-inspired letter).

It is not difficult to imagine that when Esther first heard Mordecai’s warning concerning Haman, she had to resolve in her own mind not to make the problem so big, so overshadowing, that it became foremost in her consciousness, screaming for attention to draw her thought away from the true God. She had to rebuke this great error directly, “You are not God! You cannot draw my mind away from Mind. Neither are you a god, for there is none beside God! I am the image and likeness of God; and as there is none beside God, there is none beside me either, except the Presence of God. You are not even a thought, because only God’s thoughts have substance and reality.”

But it took Esther and her handmaidens three days to get it right: to cast off personal sense, to starve it out (God’s chosen fast), to refuse to be overwhelmed by error and to align completely with Mind, to render irrelevant in her own mind the subject of Haman’s genocidal intentions, his seeming unlimited power and freedom to act upon them. Three days to render thought of Haman as nothing, three days for it to be miniaturized, then micro-miniaturized, then finally annihilated into absolute nothingness as she obeyed the First Commandment to “have no other gods before Me.”

  1. As thoughts of God’s omniscience became more real to Esther than all of Haman’s schemes, voiced and unvoiced, all of Haman’s thoughts dissolved into oblivion, as well as all thought of Haman himself.
  2. The more real the thought of God’s omnipotence became to Esther, the more powerless and helpless Haman became.
  3. As thoughts of God’s omnipresence became more real to Esther than Haman’s presence in the palace, Haman’s absence became more real than his presence. By dwelling only in the secret place of the Most High for many hours, crying silently, “Be Thou exalted, O God, alone in my consciousness,” all Haman-consciousness fell into insignificance, like Dagon falling in self-destruction before the ark of the covenant.
  4. Queen Esther refused to speak the slightest word or take the least human action to try to “steady the ark” by human effort. Instead, she chose to prostrate herself at the throne of God, like Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus. And, by getting out of God’s way, she released the Infinite, omniactivity of God Almighty. Thus, all the intricate gears of Haman’s murderous plot ground to a halt, then reversed their direction: to destroy all her enemies, as no activity exists in opposition to God.

Seeking the Lord with All the Heart

Lynda Spencer

In Hebrews it says, “For he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

In the past I did not understand why I needed to seek Him since I already believed in God — nor did I know what I was looking for. Now as a result of the teachings here in Plainfield Church, I am making it a priority to daily seek God. Seeking to me now is an active desire to know God better and to take time to commit my thoughts to become closer to Him. I see now that a relationship with the Lord includes a desire to obey Him and listen to Him.

One thing that has been changing is how I shop. I am releasing a willful running around from store to store, to turning my days over to the care of God, and asking Him to lead me.

The other day an idea came to me to go into a store for a replacement part I needed. The item was specific and difficult to find. The wall was covered with many selections. I asked a nearby clerk for help, but he did not know. While I stood there quietly for a moment, another clerk walked over, seemingly out of nowhere, and offered to help. She immediately knew specifically what I needed and exactly where to find it. It felt like God was saying, “see what I can do.”

Remember Who You Are

Florence Roberts

I love that Mrs. Eddy advises us to examine ourselves often. She says: “We should examine ourselves and learn what is the affection and purpose of the heart, for in this way only can we learn what we honestly are.” (Science and Health 8:28-30.)

God made us in His image and likeness, and in II Timothy 1:7 we read: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Not fully appreciating this spiritual fact, I lived for years with fear and timidity, weakness and helplessness. I have had many crying nights searching for the understanding of who I am.

When I learned through Christian Science that I am not a victim, because God made none, and that His love for me and everyone does wipe out all fears; I awakened to the double-mindedness of questioning what to trust. This stirring up made me commit to the one and only power of Spirit, to the omnipotence and presence of God.

This helped me to remind myself that I have God’s strength to depend on, His might helps me when temptations come. No longer was I going to accept any weakness and helplessness as being true about my real identity.

Our Hymn 195 is helpful for anyone feeling this false weakness and helplessness. The last verse reads:

’Tis what I know of Thee, my Lord and God,

That fills my soul with peace, my lips with song;

Thou art my health, my joy, my staff, my rod;

I lean on Thee, in weakness I am strong.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Truth not error, Love not hate, Spirit not matter, governs man.” (S&H 420:3-4.)

When we keep who we are at the forefront in our thinking, it is wonderful what that single-mindedness can help us overcome!

God Provides

Gary Singleterry

What a help it is to learn in Christian Science that we govern our own experience, and that with God all things are possible. We’ve also seen that without God, a lot of things can go wrong!

The world thought is that that there are a lot of things outside of our control, like the weather, government, the economy, etc. The tendency, when something seems to go wrong, would be to throw up our hands and say, “that’s just the way things are.”

But the truth is that there is nothing in our lives that is outside of God’s control! If we will faithfully listen to what God has for us to do, and do it, He will take care of us. He will take care of what we need — not necessarily what we want, but what we need.

A teacher in this church taught me the importance of listening and obeying, which was a novel thing for me at the time, but it is really a principle of the universe. Once this principle started to get ingrained in my thinking, I found that it was true. Not only for me, but I could see it working in the lives of other people in the church, and for the church itself.

Many times, for example, when the members of this church needed a day of rest, we would see rain turn to sunshine, so people could have a pleasant day at the beach or a picnic at somebody’s house. When this church needed a good lawyer to defend itself against the lawsuit brought against us by the Board of Directors in Boston, we found a really good lawyer right here in our own backyard, who saw the mission clearly and did a great job. When we needed a printer when we started publishing our magazines and Quarterlies, God brought us a professional printer from New York, who served faithfully for many years.

I have seen God take care of many other things for this church and for the members. When anything does go wrong, I realize that what I need to do is to get on my knees and do a better job of listening for God’s guidance and obeying Him. When I do, things turn around; and that is Principle operating. It has given me a peace of mind that I never had.

Keep Your Oil!

Mary Beth Singleterry

I would like to share a lesson I learned from a practitioner from this church some time ago. She made a simple statement that she said I was to apply to my life at the time; and the statement was, “We are to give of our light, but never of our oil.”

It was explained that your light is your joy, gratitude, and seeing people rightly. It is just something that shines forth like the light. We thus give freely to everyone, everywhere. It creates a Christly atmosphere that heals and blesses all who feel it and are in contact with it.

Our oil is something different. Mrs. Eddy gives the definition of oil in Science and Health in the Glossary: “OIL. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heavenly inspiration.” Your oil is something that you work for and you receive. It is to be valued and treasured; it is yours and belongs to no one else.

In the story of the Ten Virgins, five were wise, and five were foolish. The five wise virgins kept their oil and knew the value of their oil. When the five foolish ones wanted to take the oil from them, they refused. They told them that they should go buy their own oil, that it was worth whatever price they had to pay. We had to pay our price, you have to pay yours. You have to work for it yourself.

This is a principle, and just plain common sense. In Mrs. Eddy’s beautiful article, “Fidelity” in Miscellaneous Writings she writes, “‘The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light;’ they watch the market, acquaint themselves with the etiquette of the exchange, and are ready for the next move. How much more should we be faithful over the few things of Spirit, that are able to make us wise unto salvation!”

So those who truly value God and what God gives must, too, keep their oil, keep the flames burning. We should keep our joy steadfastly, and no one should take it from us.

At that time in my life I didn’t realize this, and I was giving up my oil and it was depleting. The practitioner said to me that there is a line that no one crosses. You give of your light, but not of your oil. The oil you earned, that is yours. Everyone is free to earn theirs and keep theirs as well.

This was such a wonderful lesson. I have referred to it many times in my life. I am grateful to the practitioner and her wisdom. I am grateful for Mrs. Eddy and all her writings that she has given us.


Art Anker

Place all your trust in God,

Just know He’s at your side.

Thru thick and thin —

Stay close to Him —

There error cannot hide.

Just say to yourself, “God loves me” —

Then say it again if you must,

Until you can feel

That only good is real,

And the comfort that comes when you trust.

How I Found Plainfield Church, and How It Has Changed My Life

Susanne from Vermont

From the age of 8, I attended Christian Science Sunday School, truly loved it, and drank up all the truths I was learning. It was my rock. And although as a young adult I regularly went to a Christian Science branch church, I never took Science to heart. I even took class instruction, convinced that this would be my saving grace; but this was not the “magic pill” I thought it would be to set me straight and on a better path.

Fact was, I kept Christian Science on a shelf, and I would take it down only when I really needed it, which usually meant I was in some kind of trouble. This approach got me through a lot of crises, but I had no idea about the importance of growing spiritually as opposed to “using” Christian Science for my own purposes. I now realize that I was not living according to God’s laws, and I had no idea about the importance of obedience to God. I thought I could just “do my own thing.”

It was after I moved overseas in the early 90’s that things got even more difficult — I was faced with huge challenges and problems I pretty much brought upon myself! I attended the local Christian Science churches, hoping one of them would “click” for me, but, even though I always read my Lesson, I really never applied myself in a dedicated way.

But God was patient with me! I would see the branch churches so empty, so I set about to find some answers for myself. I went on the Internet to do research. I searched online for hours in the evenings, week after week. I said to myself: I’ve got to find out why Christian Science isn’t flourishing like it should be! I was sent The Compendium from the Christian Science Foundation in Cambridge, England and read every page — and there were hundreds — and therein I read about the history of the Christian Science movement. I started finding answers, and one website after another led me to the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent.

I started going to church online and it was such a change! Church became alive for me, and I loved the independent Lesson Sermons. The services were vibrant, and I received cassette tapes of the weekly classes that I couldn’t wait to listen to. This became my true “class instruction,” which continues to this day. Not too long thereafter I traveled to Plainfield and joined at the very first Wednesday night meeting I attended.

It took several years, but this church set me straight, gave me a backbone, and I am a very different person now. I’d say it’s been a miracle! The teachings at Plainfield have shown me how to use Christian Science on a daily, practical basis in every detail of life, what it means to be obedient, and most importantly, how to bless others by sharing this wonderful Science, something I had done very little of before.

It is a joy to be a part of this wonderful church, even across the miles listening in from Vermont. The services and meetings, publications, and incredibly rich website provide ample teachings and inspiration. I don’t know what I would do without this church!

Each experience comes at the right moment to confer the greatest blessing.

Herbert Eustace

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Letters of Gratitude

I am new here, having found your website after having had eye surgery. It was your audio of Science and Health on YouTube that kept me sustained. Little did I know then this would lead me to your wonderful web page!

For the past several weeks, I have been listening to the wonderful testimonies from Plainfield. The sharing is so pure and heartfelt that I’ve found myself moved to tears. I realize a healing is happening on a deep level that I wasn’t even aware of as I hear the members so humbly and freely expressing what I am learning or needing to remember.

Thank you all for giving so freely of your time, energy, and for your joyful devotion to Mrs. Eddy and her amazing teachings.


The last Love is the Liberator was outstanding! (as ever) 

Not sure who the editor is or if there are many, but this is such a beautiful publication that my friends (who I buy extra issues for) now grab it with gusto when they see a new one at my house!


I’m very grateful for all the teaching in this church. On Monday, July 31, the daily email from this church included a link to the audio recording of “War,” the Association Address of 1941 from Addresses by Martha Wilcox (and Martha Wilcox was a student of Mrs. Eddy). This was a great follow-up to questions asked in Sunday’s Roundtable, and gives us clear direction to follow as metaphysicians. I really spent time with this article and recommend it — it is so helpful.

Also, in Forum Highlights, issue 89, from April of this year, on the first page there is a wonderful explanation of how to work individually to reform our world. I’m so grateful to everyone who is working so diligently to put these truths out and help us along in the way. There’s no end to the answers that can be obtained when we turn to, and stay with, God. I’m very grateful that all the paths in this church lead us directly and only to God.


Wow! What wonderful Roundtable sessions. Please know that your precious gatherings at Plainfield are a healing message to the whole world and truly blessing the hungry, yearning heart.


When I received our magazine Love is the Liberator this month, I looked through it and for some reason was drawn back to the front cover. The theme of casting out demons was so appreciated. If you listen to the news, you would believe all the hype error can spew forth. I found if I am loyal to doing the three Daily Duties on rising, it clears my thought so I can know God is the only power and nothing can interfere with His government of the universe.

I thank Luanne for sharing her sketches and paintings, as I admire her God-given talent. The sketch of the lighthouse is so serene and peaceful.

Thanks to all who do so much to bring this blessed magazine to us.


I am very moved every Wednesday for the powerful and heartfelt testimonies. I feel such gratitude for all of you who share and for this beautiful church. The Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent is such a blessing in my life and evidence of God’s active love and care for me and all. The activities of the church, from the practitioners to the members sharing the infinite resources on the website, are giving me practical and powerful guidance in living Christian Science. Whenever I doubt that I am being guided and cared for by divine Love, I quickly remind myself of the church, Christ Jesus, and Mary Baker Eddy, and how blessed I am to know about this Truth. Thank you.


I just read Love is the Liberator. It is what I needed to get me through a rather rough week. The current articles section was very practical and helpful. Thank you for the article, “Use the Truth You Know,” and the one on “inheritance.” It was like they were written directly for me.

I am also happy to see the formatting of the magazine to the former order. That is what we need in our country, “God’s order.”

Much love to all.

New Mexico

I am so grateful that I was led to the Plainfield website. I have been working with the articles on weather, as where I live we were in great need of rain. It is so wonderful that we have just had a night and day of continual gentle rain.

With much love.

North Wales

I received the Forum Highlights, issue 94, and it is excellent and so wonderful. I am so grateful for you sending it to me. There is so much going on here in Germany, and I have been working with so many of the ideas found in the publication including “All is infinite Mind manifested.”

Thanks for everyone who has contributed, and thanks to all at the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent.


Thank you for the July Love is the Liberator magazine. Each article is powerful and inspirational. “Insanity” by Herbert W. Eustace is very timely! I am using this issue as a guide for my independent watch.

I am so grateful to be a part of this beautiful church which is teaching Mary Baker Eddy’s true Christian Science.


I missed the Roundtable last Sunday, but listened to it last night and this afternoon on the Internet. It really is inspiring and thought provoking.

Thank you so much. Each discussion causes me to think more clearly.


I am very grateful for the Sunday, August 8, 2017 Roundtable and service. It was very inspiring. I feel there are few places where the warfare with error is so conscientiously and constantly fought as the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent. It seems the hardest thing in the universe for us to realize is that Mind is All. It is our eternal substance, and the only substance. There is nothing else, neither can there be.

Costa Rica

Thank you for the calendar statements to uplift our thoughts each day. I share these gems first-hand, and in notes and letters.


I had the privilege of visiting Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent. I want to thank all of you for such a warm and loving welcome. The church building is so beautiful and warm just like all of you.


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Testimonies of Healing

Broken Arm Healed

From D. C. in Oregon

I am grateful to my practitioner, who helped me in so many ways when I broke my arm a while ago. I immediately called my Plainfield practitioner, and then called my daughter, who drove me to the ER. They x-rayed the arm many times, from all different angles. When they were through, the doctor told me that the arm was broken in three different places, and he showed us the x-rays.

There was no one available in town to set it at that time, so my daughter had to drive me over to a town in Idaho. The first thing they did was to x-ray it again many times. I mentioned that there were three breaks, and they said, no, there was just one, and they showed me the x-rays. Sure enough there was just one!

This proved to me that in the short time between my visit to the ER and my trip to the doctor, the prayers of the practitioner had healed the other two breaks! And the last one also healed rapidly.

I am so grateful to God for the help this practitioner has given me, and so thankful to Mary Baker Eddy for giving us Christian Science.

Accidents are Unknown to God

From L. L. in New Jersey

I’m so grateful for God’s love and healing power and for practitioner help. A couple of days ago I stepped onto a small stool in my living room to check a venetian blind. As I reached up, the stool slid from under me, and I fell to the floor, landing on the base of my spine. I immediately yelled out “God good.” I was able to get up and walk, but there was quite a bit of pain.

I prayed for myself, and felt a little better, but I knew I needed practitioner help. I was met with much love, and she agreed to help. She said to work with a couple of statements in Science and Health, and one said, “Accidents are unknown to God.”

I am so grateful to say I am moving freely and the pain is completely gone. I know God and the practitioner’s prayers have healed me. And I learned a great lesson, to always be asking God for direction in all that I do.

Gratitude to God Brings Healing!

From T. R. in New York

After doing some heavy exercising, my foot began to hurt when I walked. But after walking for a few minutes, the pain would go away, so I ignored it. This intermittent pain went on for many months, until one day the pain would not go away. I was beginning to think maybe I had broken my foot and should have a doctor look at it. But then I pictured myself hobbling around with some big plastic boot on my foot and decided not to go to the doctor.

After about three weeks of enduring this constant pain whenever I walked, one day as I was crossing the street, I thought that I should be grateful for the many blessings I already have. I also thought of the prophet Habakkuk. When things don’t seem to be going well, I should remember what Habakkuk said: “Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.” In this case, I could not allow a pain in my foot to make me feel that God was not present and not taking care of me. Despite the pain or any problems, I should not feel separated from God.

I started listing things in my head I was grateful for. It was three days later when I finally remembered the pain in my foot — and it was gone! The pain had gone away immediately and did not come back, even during a 5K race with coworkers!

This was a good lesson for me to always be grateful for the blessings already received, no matter what the circumstances, and to know that God is always present. It says in Psalms, “The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.” I am grateful this is so!

No Harm from Doing Good

From J. P. in New Jersey

I am very grateful for the way that Christian Science is positively affecting all areas of my life.

Recently, I was making dinner for my kids, and while cutting open an avocado, my knife slipped and went right into my hand, cutting to the bone.

Instantly I closed my eyes and remembered my practitioner telling me these words from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy: “Whatever it is your duty to do, you can do without harm to yourself.” I stood still and knew that there was no reason I should suffer for the act of making dinner. I thanked God for His constant protection, and then took a paper towel and wrapped my hand in it. Then I grabbed another knife and finished preparing the dinner.

After we ate, I took the paper towel off and saw one little drop of blood had come out. There was a tiny wound, but it didn’t hurt at all, nor was it bleeding. I thanked God that His protection is real, and for this practical Science, which is always up to any task.

I am so grateful for this church, and for practitioner support, which is ensuring that these teachings are with me when I need them — which is always!

Sprained Ankle Healed

From J. D. in Arizona

I would like to express my gratitude for a recent very rapid healing. Upon getting up this morning I discovered I could barely walk on my right ankle, for it responded as though it was sprained. The usual statements of truth and denials of error did not improve the situation.

I called one of our practitioners, and it was suggested that I work with the Scientific Statement of Being and the article Body by Mrs. Wilcox, which I immediately printed. Upon completing my morning study, I leaned back and realized the ache and pain had vanished. Immediately, I shouted, “Thank you, Shepherd!” Then I called the practitioner to tell of this healing.

I am most grateful for this quick and effective healing.

Peace Restored

From L. R. in Massachusetts

I am very thankful that I found Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent a few weeks ago. I am new to Christian Science and feel myself blessed that I found this church before getting too involved with our local branch church.

Last week after hearing news that triggered shock and upset, I found I was having great difficulty anchoring my thought on Truth and finding peace, so I called a Plainfield Church practitioner.

It was so helpful and comforting! I heard a passage recently “bind up the broken hearted.” The practitioner did just that so beautifully for me last night. She even instructed me to go to the church website, to the 91st Psalm with interpretation by Doris White Evans. She told me to take it to bed and read it very slowly and to get a “feel” for it. I followed the instruction. I loved Mrs. Evans’ interpretation — so filled with love. I fell asleep and woke up twice during the night, and right away I thought of the first lines of the psalm, and rested in them and peacefully fell back asleep.

I felt so loved and cared for and gently instructed on how to practice Christian Science last night. My need was abundantly meet.

Marriage Saved

From J. O. in New Jersey

A year ago my wife asked for a divorce, after 23 years of marriage, and two beautiful twins. I felt there was no light at the end of this tunnel, and all seemed lost financially, physically and emotionally. After a time, I remembered a family member talking about Christian Science, and I wondered if it could help me, so I looked for a church. The church in my town had closed, but a police officer told me there was an independent church in Plainfield.

I walked through the door of the Plainfield Church one rainy April night, sat down in a pew, and prayed as best I knew how. At the end of the service, I was given an article written by a practitioner here at Plainfield, which helped me through the dark places and the dark thoughts. It is entitled the “Law of Recovery.” It tells the Bible story of David, who returned from battle with his men to find that their city had been burned, and their families taken captive. As distraught as they all were, “David encouraged himself in the Lord,” and prayed to God for guidance. God told him to pursue the enemy and recover what they had taken. David obeyed, saved the captives, and recovered everything.

This wonderful Bible story helped me to see I could encourage myself in the Lord, I could pray to God, since He is an ever-present help. I faithfully called a Plainfield practitioner for help, and was always given wonderful, helpful statements of Truth to work with.

I just found out recently that my wife decided not to go through with the divorce. I am humbly grateful to God and to the practitioner for all the many prayers, and for all that she has taught me.

Child Protected from Falling Horse

From M. P. in New York

I am so grateful for Christian Science and its infinite help when the need is great. Yesterday during the late afternoon I received a text from a neighbor asking for prayers for their young daughter. They were headed to the emergency room because the horse the child had been riding flipped over backwards on top of her.

I’m grateful for the teaching here at Plainfield because I felt calm and turned right to praying that God is All, always present, and knows no accidents. I texted back for them to pray with the 91st Psalm, in which they have great love and confidence. Since I knew that the parents, who aren’t Christian Scientists, must be very concerned, I also called my Plainfield practitioner for support. I was reassured that God was right there with the girl, His love, His care surround her, and that there is no power aside from God, thus all is well.

I prayed with these truths, and was feeling grateful for having Christian Science to be able to help. Finally I felt a sense of peace and stopped praying. When my thought would turn back to the situation, I realized there was nothing for me to mull over, as I had done in the past. This was God’s work and there was nothing for me to fret over because, from God’s perspective, nothing had happened to the child of God. Whenever the thought of this belief came to me, I prayed for all mankind to be free of this belief also.

Around 9:00 p.m. I received another message that all the tests at the Emergency Room showed all was fine, and they were headed home.

When I talked with my neighbor, he called the experience a miracle. He had been riding next to his daughter when the horse reared and fell over backwards. He told me that the helmet his daughter was wearing cracked, leaving only a small mark behind her ear and a small scrape on her cheekbone. He said by the following day they had almost completely disappeared also!! He was extremely grateful to God for how well things turned out when the picture looked so bleak.

I was grateful for his acknowledgment of God in the situation. A couple of mornings later while reading the Lesson, I happened to flip open Science and Health to the chapter Glossary and saw the following: MIRACLE. That which is divinely natural, but must be learned humanly; a phenomenon of Science. (Page 591:21)

Right now you are as much in the kingdom of heaven as you will ever be. Nothing can be added to you, and nothing can be taken away from you. Then it would seem that all that is necessary toward the realization of this is a willingness to relax and acknowledge, “Father, all that Thou art, I am.” Nothing to accomplish, nothing to get, nothing to be. Rest in this Truth. Rest in this spiritual awareness of “I AM-ness.”

Bicknell Young

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Broadcast the Truth

“Freely ye have received, freely give”

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