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Love is the Liberator

From Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

Maintain joy throughout your work and in your lives. When confronted by big problems just stop and smile inside. What you are thinking is the dominating influence and it will dissipate error.

Bicknell Young

Holy Days

November 2016

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Dedicatory Sermon

From Pulpit and Press, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 10

Our land … had its Pilgrim Fathers. On shores of solitude, at Plymouth Rock, they planted a nation’s heart, — the rights of conscience, imperishable glory. No dream of avarice or ambition broke their exalted purpose, theirs was the wish to reign in hope’s reality — the realm of Love.

Christian Scientists, you have planted your standard on the rock of Christ, the true, the spiritual idea, — the chief corner-stone in the house of our God. And our Master said: “The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” If you are less appreciated to-day than your forefathers, wait — for if you are as devout as they, and more scientific, as progress certainly demands, your plant is immortal. Let us rejoice that chill vicissitudes have not withheld the timely shelter of this house, which descended like day-spring from on high.

Divine presence, breathe Thou Thy blessing on every heart in this house. Speak out O soul! This is the newborn of Spirit, this is His redeemed; this, His beloved. May the kingdom of God within you, — with you alway, — reascending, bear you outward, upward, heavenward.

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Holy Days


from the Christian Science Sentinel, June 23, 1923, by Ella W. Hoag

When holidays were first instituted in Bible times, they were called Holy-days. They were days set apart from material labor as sacred, and were to be used in the worship of God and in services especially consecrated to Him.

Later, this was entirely lost sight of, and they came to be regarded from the standpoint of entertainment alone. They were looked upon as opportunities for complete relaxation from all work, either in idleness or in mere play or sport, with no higher object attached to them than personal ease and gratification.

The world is gradually awakening to the fact that its concept of holidays has been wrong, and it is realizing the commercialism attached to the holidays is not the real meaning. There is much more.

Jesus’ holidays were Holy-days. He never left his wonderful work of teaching and healing the multitudes except that he might go to some mountain top to talk with God, or that he might spend a night in prayer to Him. Mary Baker Eddy, following in his footsteps, asked only that she might turn aside from her demanding labors for mankind long enough to connect herself more perfectly to God. Oh, may Christian Scientists, learn to prove that every holiday shall be to them a Holy-day!

It is well, however, that the dear Christ, Truth, leads us very gently in our journey from sense to Soul. We are to do only that which is the best and highest, that which helps us forward in our understanding of God. We can always test the thing done by the spiritual result. Whatever the work we are given to do; whatever the time we are given to use, may it always be “as to the Lord, and not unto men.”

When from even the most consecrated effort there may sometimes seem the need of going apart for a time and the way opens for such opportunity, — then may we watch and pray that from such a holiday we may come proving that we, too, have spent the hours in connecting ourselves to God. This does not shut out from us any right activity, but shows us how to do all to glorify God. From such holidays as these — days spent in “a feast of Soul and a famine of sense” (My., p. 263) — we shall return again to our work, rejoicing to know that it is our privilege to have every working day also a Holy-day.

Christmas to me is a sense of pure Love that is so incredibly radiant, it shines forth through all of mankind, encompassing the entire creation of God. I imagine a universe where every single perfect, individual, idea of God all comes together. When every man on heaven’s earth, looks up and is one. Every single thought being held in the Joy of Soul all at the same time. The Christ expressed in its infinity. You can’t find that in a box at Walmart!

Luanne Tucker

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Holy Days Are Every Day

by Florence Roberts

“Obeying the divine Principle which you profess to understand and love, demonstrates Truth. Never absent from your post, never off guard, never ill-humored, never unready to work for God, — is obedience; being ‘faithful over a few things.’ If in one instance obedience be lacking, you lose the scientific rule and its reward: namely, to be made ‘ruler over many things.’ A progressive life is the reality of Life that unfolds its immortal Principle.” (Misc. 116:25-3)

This instruction from our beloved Leader, sums up for me why all days should be holy. It does ask us to be obedient to the divine rule, to hold in our hearts the divine Principle. This is not something we do some days and not others. How can we be obedient to any law some days and neglect it another day?

The adverb “never” is strong; it denotes consistency. From Webster’s it means “Not ever; not at any time; at no time. It refers to the past or the future” and certainly now as well. We cannot wait till Easter, Christmas, Sundays, or any humanly special days to obey God’s laws. He is our God, our lawmaker now and forever.

When I learned to have God consistently in my thinking, no matter where I am, I started to feel His power and presence more. Then I made sure that when there were family gatherings, usually on those Holy days/holidays, I would stick even more to the Truth of man’s perfection as a reflection of God; since in the past wrong thoughts about others seemed more aggressive on those occasions. What I realized was needed was to love more on those days by seeing the Christ in all. This practice has helped me to keep this pure thought when I am out shopping, when I attend events, surely before service, and I am grateful for all the blessings this brings.

That humble obedience to Truth, remaining at our post, keeps the light of Truth shining in our consciousness, and that, I feel, does repel the darkness of false beliefs that could come into our consciousness.

Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health, page 492 that, “Being is holiness, harmony, immortality.” If such is our being by reflection, then could we possibly or really have any day that is less than holy?

Holidays, or holiday periods, if properly utilized, may be found helpful; but on the other hand, if misused, they may prove quite the reverse. Who has not returned from a holiday with a sense of weariness, rather than of refreshment? Could this ever be so if one were to include in his holiday sufficient time devoted to letting his thought dwell restfully on the things of Spirit—the ideas of Soul?

Truly a holiday is not always a holy day, nor is a holy day always a holiday; but either can be both, if wisely spent. “Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”

George Shaw Cook

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The Truth for the Children

from the Christian Science Sentinel, March 30, 1907,
by Martha J. Vogell

When our little son was four years old, the children in his kindergarten class were busy preparing for Christmas, and much was said and thought about Santa Claus. One or two of the older boys attempted to enlighten the younger children respecting this myth; but the majority of them would not admit for a second that there was not a real old man Santa Claus. Had not their parents and others told them so?

When our little lad came home that noon, he looked me squarely in the eyes and asked, “Mamma, will you tell me the real truth about something?” I promised to do my best, and he asked, “Is there really an old man Santa Claus, who comes down the chimney with a bag on his back, every Christmas Eve?” For a second I hesitated, having been brought up as a child to believe in Santa Claus, and laboring under the delusion that there was so much pleasure for the family, as well as for the boy, in having him believe; but remembering my promise to “do my best” in response to his request for the truth, I answered, “No, there is not an old man Santa Claus with a bag on his back — but there is a love in the hearts of people that moves them to make others happy on the day we call Jesus’ birthday; so you, and papa, and mamma, and all who are working to make somebody happy on Christmas day are part of the great love that some people call Santa Claus.”

The child listened attentively, made no response for a few seconds, then with questioning eyes and eager, hopeful voice — showing that it was a question of grave importance to him — he asked, “But there is really a true God, isn’t there?” I was startled for a second, then silently thanked God that I had not been led to deceive the child. We had a happy talk about God as the Bible teaches, and then the little lad ran off to play with his toys, as merry as could be.

We have never found that this knowledge about Santa Claus made him enjoy Christmas any less. Each year he delighted in the Christmas tree, and took his part joyfully in the preparations for the day. We had, however, some trouble trying to keep him from telling his friends what he had learned. But when I explained to my child that some parents preferred to have their children believe in Santa Claus, and that we have no right to interfere with the opinions of others, he promised not to intrude his knowledge of the subject upon his little friends; but he remarked, “Why, mamma, when those boys grow big and find out that their mothers don’t tell them the truth, they will cry.”

As Christian Scientists — parents and teachers of children — we surely have reason to be grateful for the wisdom with which Mrs. Eddy is leading us; and a study of her words will be profitable to all of us: “A deceit or falsehood is never wise. Too much cannot be done towards guarding and guiding well the germinating and inclining thought of childhood.” (My. 261:9)

When Christmas is kept, it will be when the Christ-love is shown to men. No one knows as well as does a Scientist what the anthem heard on the first Christmas morning means; and, surely, the day fails of its true use, till “giving” becomes the flowing-out of our sense of Truth to bless those who have not consciously a knowledge of what Love’s great gift to the world was and is. I believe that the world’s way of celebrating must cease in a Scientist’s life; to be superseded by giving where only Love will know of the need, and self have no place in the deed.

from the Christian Science Journal, Jan. 1891, page 432

How many observe Christ’s birthday! How few, his precepts! O! ‘tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments.

Benjamin Franklin

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by Max Dunaway

There are so many things, dear Lord,

For which we thank You that the word

Cannot declare our gratitude:

For daily blessings You have sent

Of Your abundance, never spent,

Found both in seen and unseen food.

For Your own presence, near and dear,

For perfect Love that casts out fear,

For power that brings humility,

Security, and peace of mind.

For happy hours we daily find,

For boundless opportunity.

For trials we sometimes suffer long

That we may grow more pure and strong,

That we may free our lives from blame;

For chastening, that we may leave greed

And turn to see our brother’s need

Then quickly help supply the same.

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From Mrs. Eddy

Jesus, As He Appears To Christian Scientists

From the Christian Science Journal, February 1891, page 463

Discourse given by Mary Baker Eddy, the Pastor of the Church of Christ (Scientist), Boston, Mass., Dec. 28, 1890

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem. Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.” (Matt.)

Over the rocky road which separates Persia from Judea, a caravan winds its solitary way. Its camels are laden with spices, and perfumes, gems and precious stones; yet their owners are not merchants. There is neither the shrewd air of traffic in demeanor, nor gleam of barter in their faces. Those thoughtful brows belong to men accustomed to deep and earnest study upon profoundly lofty subjects. Why are they making a journey involving such expenditures of time as well as hazard to life? Is it to mingle with some Congress of sages — some convention of the learned and wise? Not so. This toilsome journey has a widely different object. It is to lay these offerings of their choicest at the feet of a little child: a child born — not in princely halls midst pomp and pageantry — but in the manger of a stall, amongst the lowly and poor, with horned oxen to witness his advent.

As they thread their way, a solitary star appears to guide them on their journey. Ingenious attempts have been made to make it appear that this star which guided the Magi of the East to the cradle of the child Jesus, was the brilliant light occasioned by the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which history claims actually did occur at this time. Their lack of vertical position, however, hardly supports the claim. No; this light was not a material one. It was of diviner origin than mortal mind has yet been enabled to credit.

From the standpoint of the carnal senses, this visit of the Magi to an infant of obscure and lowly birth seems a fool’s errand. Were such an undertaking to be made to-day, it would be jeered at — even in our modern and refined religious circles — and very naturally; since to personal sense the spiritual is, and ever must be, foolishness: yet the visit of the Wise men to this new-born infant proves so remarkable as to be deemed worthy a place in the Sacred Records. Leaving the Magi at this point, let us enter upon the larger and nobler theme suggested by their visit, viz: what place this Jesus fills in human history — in human hearts and lives. More; let us gain a clear view as to what Jesus the man is to us who call ourselves Christian Scientist. Our theme, then, resolves itself into the finding of the Spiritual Jesus, and the discovery of our relationship, as Christian Scientists, to him.

We may safely assume that the finding of Jesus is the great event of the world’s history. Human hearts are in search of him; human society needs him; trade, commerce, governments, art, literature, all need and are in quest of him whom the Wise men found in the manger of the stall: yet, it is not the babe of Bethlehem for whom we search; but rather, the Christ, or Truth, which once dwelt in the human Jesus. Says Professor Harris: “In all our planning and thinking, the expectation of a better future is a marked characteristic of our time.” With this hope Jesus is vividly identified, and nothing seems clearer than the fact that earnest, thoughtful men and women, while drifting away from the mere letter of outworn creeds and impotent dogma, centre about Jesus the Christ in a dumb, blind emphasis of hope which plainly indicates that Jesus is the colossal figure in history. This he is and must be because of having, beyond all others, manifested the Christ which is one with the Father, and which forever will keep unfolding to our glorified vision.

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The Significance of Christmas

from Miscellany, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 259

Certain occasions, considered either collectively or individually and observed properly, tend to give the activity of man infinite scope; but mere merry-making or needless gift-giving is not that in which human capacities find the most appropriate and proper exercise. Christmas respects the Christ too much to submerge itself in merely temporary means and ends. It represents the eternal informing Soul recognized only in harmony, in the beauty and bounty of Life everlasting, — in the truth that is Life, the Life that heals and saves mankind. An eternal Christmas would make matter an alien save as phenomenon, and matter would reverentially withdraw itself before Mind. The despotism of material sense or the flesh would flee before such reality, to make room for substance, and the shadow of frivolity and the inaccuracy of material sense would disappear.

In Christian Science, Christmas stands for the real, the absolute and eternal, — for the things of Spirit, not of matter. Science is divine; it hath no partnership with human means and ends, no half-way stations. Nothing conditional or material belongs to it. Human reason and philosophy may pursue paths devious, the line of liquids, the lure of gold, the doubtful sense that falls short of substance, the things hoped for and the evidence unseen.

The basis of Christmas is the rock, Christ Jesus; its fruits are inspiration and spiritual understanding of joy and rejoicing, — not because of tradition, usage, or corporeal pleasures, but because of fundamental and demonstrable truth, because of the heaven within us. The basis of Christmas is love loving its enemies, returning good for evil, love that “suffereth long, and is kind.” The true spirit of Christmas elevates medicine to Mind; it casts out evils, heals the sick, raises the dormant faculties, appeals to all conditions, and supplies every need of man. It leaves hygiene, medicine, ethics, and religion to God and His Christ, to that which is the Way, in word and in deed, — the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

There is but one Jesus Christ on record. Christ is incorporeal. Neither the you nor the I in the flesh can be or is Christ.

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A Christian Scientist’s progress is a continuous triumph — a continual ascent through all eternity, growing in understanding of God, Good.

Bicknell Young

True Government

by Mary Beth Singleterry

Government is certainly something that we all need to understand and pray about, because the political arena is never the answer for our government. The government is in God and obeying His laws and His precepts.  

Recently a member sent us a movie which some of us watched. The name of it is Woodlawn. It is a Christian movie that came out last year. I had never heard of it, but it was very inspiring, and it is based on a true story.

The movie was about the very troubled times, with racial conflicts, in Alabama during the seventies. It was about a football team in one of the towns. The football team had become very upset due to forced integration. There was a lot of hatred, prejudice, fear, and anger going on. One day someone came into the school and was permitted to speak to the football team about Christ Jesus. He got everyone’s attention. He spoke to them about the Sermon in the Mount, the Beatitudes, forgiveness, and loving your neighbor as yourself. His words reached their hearts, and they all began to change. They began to work together and love each other. Then tremendous things began to happen with that football team. The coach was totally amazed. He didn’t really understand what happened. But seeing this healing take place right in front of him, he, too, became a follower, a disciple of Christ.

Throughout the movie, one of the points they continually made was “one way.” They would raise their index finger and say “one way.” That “one way” was Christ’s way. All these team players realized that nothing could heal these problems but the way of Christ.

In the sight of God we are all equal, and there is no reason for all of this hatred and fear and what goes with it. It certainly is what is the truth about our country, and about all nations everywhere. You walk around and see people loving each other and getting along. People not getting along is a false projected concept that we have fear and hatred toward each other. God never said it, and it is not the truth about His creation.

As we send out our love and live these truths day by day in our own hearts, faithfully doing our watches and sending out our prayers, this mesmerism will be broken.

“ in heaven, so on earth, — God is omnipotent, supreme.” (S&H, p. 17)

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Thy Will

by “H”

Thy will, almighty Father thine

And thine alone be ever done;

For Thou art Life and Truth and Love,

The great, eternal, holy One.

Reflectors, we, of all Thou art,

Of all the sunshine of Thy love.

No life from Thee we know apart,

But peace on earth of heaven above.

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Jesus taught by words, and by demonstration; but most of all, he taught by a pure and holy life.

W. F. G. (from the Christian Science Journal, 1890)

The Sermon on the Mount is the only ethical creed in existence, and the only creed upon which Jesus places the seal of his approval. The creeds demand affirmations of certain doctrines, while all that Jesus demands is character.

Rev. Robert Hopkins

The Sermon on the Mount is a command to do. The promise of reward is not to him who does not do evil, but to him who does good. Love for God and man is active. It gives itself for others and is more blessed in giving than in receiving.

Willis F. Gross

Love is not static, it is not passive, quiescent, dormant, inactive. It is eager, joyous, glad, festive. It is always sprightly, glowing, fervent, alive.

Bicknell Young

The genuine Christian Scientist rejoices in every experience as an opportunity to express what he understands.

Herbert W. Eustace

The scientific attitude of mind in a Christian Scientist is to regard himself as a servant of God because he is the custodian of the mental atmosphere of the world.

Gilbert Carpenter

There has never been a time in all history when unity of thought among men is more vitally needed than it is today. There has never been a time when strong constructive thinking from every human being who knows how to reflect true thought, is so much needed.

Martha Wilcox

All the good law and all the good order which the state or church enjoys today may be traced back over some route to the words and deeds of men who rebelled against the kind of law and the kind of order that they found administered by its “constituted guardians”; to men who dared to appeal from the “keeper of divine Truth” to divine Truth itself — from the “trustees of God” to God Himself.

Rev. G. A. Kratzer

In my youth, I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.

Benjamin Franklin

You can’t do any better for those you love than to permit them to be governed by God, and you may be sure that God knows them all the time. But the constant tendency to think for someone else, and to insist on doing it, stands in the way, and it is a sense of ownership.

Bicknell Young

Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward.

Patricia Sampson

God has set man in an orbit — an orbit of security, of usefulness, of abundance, of opportunity. Principle holds him there. No power, no influence, can swerve him from his path.

Peter V. Ross

The God-conscious man knows that he becomes spiritually and joyfully rich, not by the human difficulties he avoids, but by those which he faces, works upon — long and hard, if need be — and solves by the knowledge and power of God; and the harder the problem, the greater the gain in solving it. The righteousness which is by faith enables a man to regard difficulties, not as an annoyance and a burden, but as a great opportunity. They furnish the fire in which he may refine his gold and so become rich indeed.

Rev. G. A. Kratzer

Prayer consists not so much in asking for the things necessary to human happiness as in admitting that already God has supplied man generously with everything requisite.

Peter V. Ross

There is no such thing as failure in the divine Mind. God is never defeated, and those who stand with Him will always receive the benefits of a victory over error.

Adam H. Dickey

Mind is looking after you at all times and in all ways. You are not forgotten for an instant. Mind works as ceaselessly as gravity does. And you know gravity does not overlook you or the tiniest particle of dust; it operates on everything, everywhere and always. Mind operates constantly and beneficently on you and in your behalf. It directs all the functions of our economy. It directs all your business affairs.

Peter V. Ross

Do not lose your faith in the allness of Good. Continue to stand and see the salvation of our Lord. We must not have any doubts as to the outcome — the outcome may be different from what we expect, and the help may come from a source at present unseen, but the outcome will be good and the help will be sure, because God is all in all.

Bicknell Young

Nothing can thwart the power of right knowing to bring to light the millennium, the understanding of man’s eternal oneness with good.

Herbert W. Eustace

He whose heart is filled with love for God and man, and yearns to be where God directs him to be each moment, can never be unwanted or useless.

Irene Renew

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From the Early Workers

Go Forward

from the Christian Science Journal, September 1886, by “E”

When the children of Israel came up out of the land of Egypt, we read that God “led them about through the wilderness by the Red Sea.” Being overtaken by Pharaoh and his host, who pursued in order to bring them again into bondage, they were sore afraid.

With the enemy behind, and the sea before them, their situation was a fearful one. What could they do? To return was to go into slavery again — to go on seemed equally impossible. Upbraiding him who had led them out of the land of their captivity, they were told to “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” Presently came the voice of God, saying, “Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward.” Again, at God’s command, Moses stretched forth his rod, and the waters parted and became a wall on either side of them, and they went through on dry land.

There is no standing still in Christian Science — the movement is ever onward. To halt is to give place to the enemy which pushes hard behind. Neither may we look back; for having put one’s hand to the plow he must “go forward,” driving deep the plow-share, that every weed of evil may be rooted out.

We must “go forward” whatever may oppose. Armed with Truth and Love, strong in the might of Him who is All-power and All-presence, we need not fear, for “when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”

Boldly going forth to meet every difficulty, undaunted by its formidable appearance, is to vanquish it at the outset, for error flees when Truth appears, and Love conquers every foe.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”

Always affirm present and absolute perfection. Do not begin with partial perfection and try to work up to the absolute. Begin with the absolute. Insist that you are there now, that you always have been there and cannot be removed.

Peter V. Ross

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Holy Expectation

from the Christian Science Sentinel, September 9, 1922,
by Ella W. Hoag

Expectation has been defined as “a conviction which excludes doubt.” Now, while mankind is always entertaining such convictions, they are generally based on a belief in evil, and the expectations are of disaster, failure, distress. Even the Christian who talks much of his faith in God would be astonished at how often his expectations are of evil. “According to your faith be it unto you” should certainly be a trumpet call to examine the quality of one’s faith, and what is the nature of its expectations.

The psalmist must have had a very different viewpoint when he sang, “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” He evidently did not expect the God on whom he was to wait would give him less than good as the result of such trust.

Christian Science, in its teaching of God as all good, brings into view the possibility of always having holy expectations. Since God, the infinite good, is the only Giver, where could there be any reason for the expectation of less than perfect good? Think for a moment how wonderful even this present world would seem if, instead of all the evil expectancy which mortals now believe they may indulge in, they were to change their methods and expect only the good which God has for them! Think of the marvelous transformation even this single reform would effect in human thinking and living! When we stop to realize that to expect anything but good is to deny God, we are awakened to see that health and holiness, harmony and heaven, are the only expectations we have the right to entertain.

Our duty as well as our privilege is to cling constantly to holy expectation, — expectation of God’s continual blessing, expectation that all good and nothing less is what His dear love has and intends for every one of us as His dear children.

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Hymn 170

by John Greenleaf Whittier

Let every creature hail the morn

On which the holy child was born

And know, through God’s exceeding grace,

Release from things of time and place.

I listen, from no mortal tongue,

To hear the song the angels sung,

And wait within myself to know

The Christmas lilies bud and blow.

The outward symbols disappear

From him whose inward sight is clear,

And small must be the choice of days

To him who fills them all with praise.

Keep while ye need it, brothers mine,

With honest zeal your Christmas sign,

But judge not him who every morn

Feels in his heart the Lord Christ born.

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Current Articles

God Does Control the Weather

by Elizabeth Spaid

Mary Baker Eddy has said, “The task of the working Scientist must include correcting the sense of weather, if it violates the law of harmony, as well as to work on whatever else comes to his notice in the world that calls for divine help.” (Course in Divinity and General Collectanea (“the Blue Book”) page xi.)

A couple of weeks ago, a major hurricane was headed toward the Southeast Atlantic Coast. It was a storm that did much damage in Haiti and other islands, and forecasters warned of dire catastrophic effects for the states in its path.

I was watching it closely because we have a rental home on a barrier island just south of Charleston, South Carolina. That area is known as the low country, because it sits below or just at sea level, so it can be inundated in bad storms.

The forecasts that were issued, showing where the storm was going and how much damage it would inflict, were worrying. I called a practitioner in this church who gave me some ideas to work with, including that God’s law of protection and power is supreme and in operation as a law, that this storm was a mesmerism, wickedly being stirred up, and to handle it — take this belief and rip it apart.

Last week I was preparing the lesson for the Wednesday night service, and God was supplying wonderful ideas that helped strengthen my prayers. For example, I was led to find the citation in the Bible, “The battle is not yours but God’s, set yourself, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord.”

Thanks to the Plainfield Church for having a specific watch on the weather, and for several articles posted on the website to deal with handling it. This was very helpful. I also wrote a specific watch each day. When we do a watch we have been taught here to declare the absolute power of God and to destroy the error. I got very strong with this. An abbreviated version of my watch was this: God governs the weather, He is the cause of good only, and of all action. The wind and waves are obedient to Him; the blind miscalled force called a hurricane has no intelligence or reality in it. This is the truth, the law of the universe, it has all power behind it, and cannot be reversed.

The thought came to me then to trust and to not get fixated on the news, even though the track showed the storm not turning away from the coast but, in fact, heading closer to the island.

Then we found out that the storm surge that was going to be so catastrophic and submerge the island, did not materialize! In fact, one of the weather forecasters, who was camped out at the local hotel (and the hotel was full of them because they fully expected this island to experience terrible effects) — said he had never seen anything like this before. As the storm surge was being pushed onto the beach, the wind from another direction blew that surge of water down the beach, counteracting it so that there was minimal flooding. At our home, which is on the backside of the island, the water from the river next to us rose to the threshold of the garage door and no further — no water entered. The wind also did minimal damage to trees, power lines, and homes, and no one there was injured. The island looks for the most part like it did before the storm, and businesses and restaurants are all open. The direction and speed of the wind and the timing of high tide all coincided to work in the favor of the island and those who live here. When I talked to my practitioner, she said she had worked with the thought, “God said to the wave, thus far and no farther,” and this certainly proved true.

I have such profound awe, humility, and gratitude to God for this clear and beautiful proof of His protection and care. And thank you to all who prayed during the watch the night before. These prayers have been answered in the most wonderful way. And I am eternally thankful for the prayers of the practitioner.

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To Love, Yet Be Principled

by Lynda Spencer

It can sometimes be difficult to understand how to love and yet, at the same time, be principled. I struggled for many years with the concept of what Christian love was supposed to look like. You hear terms used such as patience, tolerance, kindness, giving, unselfishness, etc. But just how does principle enter the equation?

Since attending the Plainfield Bible Studies and Roundtables, I’m finding a new sense of what it means to be a follower of Christ, and to work for God. In these classes, topics such as making boundaries, learning to speak up, to say no, etc., have been discussed. These are excellent practices, but I needed more to break through my strongly held beliefs and behaviors — especially a false sense of what it meant to be a Christian, which had turned me into a doormat.

What I thought was love was just a desire to keep the peace and avoid conflict. Mary Baker Eddy, in her article, “Ways That Are Vain,” states, “This mistaken way, of hiding sin in order to maintain harmony, has licensed evil, allowing it first to smoulder, and then break out in devouring flames. All that error asks is to be let alone ….” (My., p. 211)

I am beginning to see that it is best to let God lead you. What may seem right in my eyes may not be right in God’s eyes, because human opinions can be tainted by wrong motives. Since I have been using the ideas taught here, I find I am less judgmental, less condemning, and I have more joy, peace, and patience. But I am also learning to take a stand with God, to be more firm and not let wrong rule the right.

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Christian Science Lived

by Gary Singleterry

As a young child I attended a Christian Science Sunday School in Oregon. When I read Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, I felt here was something tremendous in this book, and I knew instinctively that it was the Truth. But unfortunately I did not see it lived in very many lives in the people in that Boston-affiliated church. I knew in my heart that God healed, I just didn’t see much of it going on.

That continued until I met a practitioner in the Plainfield church, who was different. She healed. She healed me of one problem after another. Illnesses were healed, family and business problems were healed. Things were healed in my life by God through Christian Science prayer. With each healing I could feel the tremendous power that I had felt every time I read this textbook as a child — it was the power of God. It was so different, and so right, that my wife and I moved to Plainfield from California, to be part of this church, to start our family here, and do what we could to work for God.

It didn’t stop there because the practitioner, who became a teacher appointed by God, never stopped teaching. She taught me not to be content with unhealed problems anywhere in my life. She taught me that Christian Science is not something you pull out of a bag when you need a problem solved, but that it is a way of life to be lived every day. This was so different from anything else I had ever seen. I knew it was the Truth that I had been looking for as a child. It was the answer to a prayer. I see it now as the only key to living a worthwhile life.

I thank God for this practitioner and this church. I am grateful for Mary Baker Eddy for discovering and giving this Science to mankind, and for Christian Science as it is properly lived and taught in this church.

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Be still outwardly and shout for joy within until it shall shatter the walls of your prison.

Bicknell Young

How I Found Plainfield Church, and How It Has Changed My Life

After being in Christian Science my entire life, and having been a member of The Mother Church and several branch churches, I’m very grateful to have found Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent.

The greatest thing I’ve found here is the total rejection of personal sense (as Mrs. Eddy warns), and the absolute dedication to acknowledging and living each one’s oneness with God. There are no arbitrary rules here to follow; each one moves and acts on inspiration as they listen to God.

Through our very valuable Bible Studies we learn of God’s will of good for His children, and through study and explanation of Mrs. Eddy’s Revelation of divine Science in the many writings and in the Roundtables, we learn what it means to follow Jesus in the works that he did. In Science and Health it says, “…the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy…” (95:28) I am glad to be awakening here.

Dale Wallis from Virginia

A little over two years ago a friend told me that she had found an independent Christian Science church on the Internet. I had been without a Christian Science church for many years following an unhappy experience, and had become involved with another Protestant church in my town.

I began to read and listen to different things on the church website on my computer and, although dubious at first, I found that true Christian Science was being taught and practiced and soon started to have healings, after receiving help from a Plainfield practitioner. I started listening to the Bible Studies on Saturdays, and Roundtable discussions on Sundays. Reading the articles and listening to many audios on the website was calming and healing.

The people at the church were and are an inspiration to me, and the example of their love and devotion to God, Mary Baker Eddy, and Christian Science has lifted me up; and now here I am, a full member of this beautiful church that has changed my life. Praise be to God!

Chardelle Hull from Pennsylvania

After several years studying Christian Science, I simply felt deeply that there had to be something more to the understanding and practice of Christian Science. One day my prayer was answered when my sister who was working in a Reading Room told me that someone had come in and given her the address of Plainfield.

We did find out about what was going on at Plainfield. It was teaching by a spiritually minded teacher that reached my heart and was practical enough for me to practice. These teachings were given weekly and available on cassette tapes.

Listening and applying those simple instructions resulted in disciplining of thought and right spiritual thinking in general. It has helped me to put God first in my life, understand who God is, and in so doing understand who I am.

For a few years I was participating at Plainfield and still going to my branch church, partly because of my work as a Christian Science nurse at the time. It is interesting to me that the hesitation to be really single-minded, so to speak, and commit to Plainfield left when I truly felt God’s directing. Then I was able to make the decision without any more questioning of myself.

I know that what was drawing me was something, very unique, which touched my heart when I found Plainfield.

Plainfield’s impact on my life is huge, I am most grateful for it …. The saying “As A Man Thinketh So Is He,” derived from Proverbs 23:7 is most appropriate. Plainfield changed my thinking, and changed all areas of my life!

Some of the details of this life change can be found in the book, From His View “I” am Free Now at the Plainfield bookstore.

Florence Roberts from Georgia

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Our Cause

by Art Anker

The Cause of Christian Science,

Is in the hands of you and me.

Let us love, protect, embrace it,

Until all mankind is free.

Free from the myths of error,

Realizing, at last, the millennium,

Truth, Life, and Love, everywhere!

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Letters of Gratitude

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful Wednesday meetings that you send out each week.

Many years ago I attended a group meeting during the week, not affiliated with any church but a place to go for strength, hope, comfort. It was designed as a source of ideas where you could share what you were learning and take back ideas to apply daily for growth by turning your life over to the care of God. I still needed more.

It is a tremendous blessing now to have the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent to participate in, which goes out all over the world. Each week we are shown how the complete, practical Science of Christ works powerfully in our lives. We should never forget what a blessing this church is that understandingly teaches the pure laws of God and how to apply them. You can never underestimate how much a simple gratitude or share can impact another’s life, for I know from my own experience how much it has helped me. Each share builds together for a force of good. Thank you to all who openly share their experience, strength and hope.


I came across your website online when I was in a very difficult situation with work and supply. The situation was dire and I asked a practitioner from the Plainfield Church to work for me. Things have changed since. I have felt a sense of worth and doors have opened up.

I worked with the article “Place” which is so beautifully narrated. I believe that such prospects have opened up for me that I will be able to pay off a very, very long-standing debt in a matter of weeks.

The Bible lessons here are simple and from the heart. Thank you for the Roundtable. I am learning much since I found Plainfield Christian Science.


The reading of Consciousness from the Martha Wilcox book is fantastic. It hit me right between the eyes. It is so clear and powerful, the base and backbone of Christian Science. Once understood it will enable us to stand.

Costa Rica

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your site and especially for translations of the Bible Lesson that are so precious and useful. I read in French and rejoice with you that all can benefit. I also love the wonderful hymns of the Hymnal that I listen to regularly.

Thanks again to everyone and all! God bless you with love.


It is with much joy that I send my monthly contribution to support the activities of this church. Every day I find inspiration on the church website and in all the many publications, and am able to share with others the great good that is found here.

Thank you for being a steadfast light to the world, shining out Mary Baker Eddy’s revelation of Truth!


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Science in Action

Foot problem healed by holding to the Truth

I’m so grateful for learning in this church “…to be so instant in truth that error is always too late.” A week ago, very early in the morning, I thought I had stepped on something, but then found that it was not under my foot, but a large, hard lump that had appeared on the bottom of my foot, and was causing discoloration all across the top of my foot. At first this was so startling, I felt completely helpless; but then immediately the thought came, “this is not real, it is an attack on my Christ!” I did not look at the condition again, nor consider what was going on. My husband and I were leaving very early to go pick up our grandchildren to keep them for the week.

Turning to the Truth, thoughts came flooding in. A practitioner in this church had said recently that she realized she did not need to fear “fear” — there is no fear in Love. I remembered a testimony, where someone asked a four-year-old what they learned in Sunday School, and they said something like, “me thinking, is God talking.” All the truths that were flooding into my consciousness was God talking to me right now! I knew I couldn’t be kept from a right purpose, and that the motive for our activity was to bless all.

The concern that I wouldn’t be able to put on a shoe was unfounded, and I very comfortably went through a very active and long day. I don’t know when the “lump” went away; the startling appearance absolutely disappeared in a very short time, and no one else ever even noticed it.

My gratitude is unbounded to a very loving God, Who is always on the scene to meet every need that we could possibly have. The statement, Truth comes when needed, (paraphrasing a statement by Mary Baker Eddy) is certainly true!

from D. W. in Virginia

Where medicine fails, Science succeeds!

I remember, when I first started in Christian Science, I was suffering from a severe back injury that I sustained eight years earlier on my job. The pain was so bad that I could not even get out of bed without help or suffering extensive pain. Years of following medical protocol and being told that I could not receive all the surgeries I needed to repair it, took its toll on me. I became very negative and bitter about it. I could not understand why God was making me suffer so much. The more I thought about the lack of care, the more distraught I became. 

At that point, I had been working with my practitioner, who began clearing the way with Love, opening my thought to Truth, reestablishing my worth as a child of God. Rebuking the many errors that had me strongly bound, she very convincingly stated, “God is your Mind.” It was a shock to me, but that was the wake-up call I needed to begin to understand God correctly.

Over the next couple of years, as I persistently studied, participated in the Bible Studies and Roundtable discussions and continued getting support from my practitioner, I grew less and less focused on getting medical help, and more focused on my purpose for being, in working for God. I stopped taking medication for pain, when I learned, through the study and practice of Christian Science, to trust and love God more. Eventually, I stopped going to physical therapy, because it seemed pointless to keep bringing my thoughts back to my body, when I had worked so hard to spiritualize my thoughts. The last time I saw my doctor, she seemed amazed after running me through the usual test of mobility and strength, and she said, “I don’t see any reason for you to come back for any further appointments.” I could see the amazement on her face, so I told her about the spiritual work I had been doing and the truths I had learned from my practitioner. She said, she never saw anyone recover from such an injury without medical treatment and wished all her patients could do the same. 

I am so grateful to God for His goodness and healing power. I am thankful that this healing came about, precept upon precept, as Mrs. Eddy says. I have been so blessed to be learning about this wonderful God we all have. I am truly grateful for my practitioner and all the healings that have come about since seeking her help in Christian Science, for teaching me to handle the error in my thinking and rise in the strength of God. My life has truly been transformed. I cannot praise God enough, but to live in obedience to Him.

from L. T. in New York

Rash and swelling healed with practitioner support

I was remembering with great gratitude a wonderful healing I had a while ago. As my thought was turned around, so was a physical problem. I had been helping pull weeds in flower beds. Suddenly one eye and part of my face swelled, then got an awful rash on my arms and legs.

I called a practitioner in our church and was told that no harm can come while doing good, and to work with page 495 in Science and Health, which states, “When the illusion of sickness or sin tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea. Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought.” The next day I reported to practitioner things were better. Then what I needed to hear was that I was in a chronic case of irritation and must change my thinking, my intense irritation. Recognizing this, and changing my thought, has brought a complete healing. I was and always will be grateful this came out so I will be alert and a better worker for God.

I thank God and Mrs. Eddy for this wonderful way of life, and practitioner for the help.

from L. L. in New Jersey

Christian Science is The Comforter

I would like to express my gratitude for the powerful healing material so easily available 24/7 on our website.

Recently one of my sons came to me for comfort upon hearing the shocking news of the loss of one of his close college friends to suicide. At first it was difficult to process. It was the middle of the night, so I went the Plainfield website to quiet my thought, where I have always found comfort and peace.

One particular testimony titled, “Thou Turnst My Mourning into Praise,” was a comfort to me. The author wrote of her experience after the loss of her husband, “Peace, joy, and happiness are part of our very being, and are not dependent upon any person.” Another part of the article that was helpful for me stated, “Do I believe what I’ve learned in Christian Science or not? Do I really believe that life is eternal and can never end? Do I ‘trust God’s disposal of events’? Do I really believe that I am a complete idea of God, that my husband and I are both God’s children, and that it’s God who has provided for our every need? Then it’s time to prove it!”

I called my practitioner the next morning, and I know without her prayers I would not have been able to keep from being overcome with distress over the picture of the situation. She helped direct my thought in prayers for the family, in support of my son, the world, and to keep myself in the love of God. Her strength and tenderness supported us as different things came up, and each step God’s care and hand were evident. During this I knew I would not be any use to God or anyone for that matter by allowing my thoughts to be drawn downward into fear or sympathy. It required great discipline to affirm all that I was learning about God.

I am also grateful for our weekly watches on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, which are needed prayers for our world, affirming God is ever-present, all powerful and all good for all His creation.

from L. S. in Pennsylvania

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Meaningful Gifts

During these Holy Days, why not give gifts that open thought and bring lasting joy? The new store is filled with items that celebrate God, and are guaranteed not to go out of style or be forgotten by February.

Simply go to, and select “Store” from the menu to get started.

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Peter and Faith’s CD

“Face the Light” is a recording of Peter’s songs performed with the help of professional musicians in a state-of-the-art recording studio. This labor of love is truly an inspired collection!

“Today’s solo of Peter’s song “When I found God” from Faith and Peter’s CD just brought me to tears. I have been listening to this CD in the car all week, enjoying the rich beauty of the songs and how spiritually uplifting they are. We are truly blessed to have such inspiring music in our church! Thank you to all who make this consistently beautiful music possible.” — Susanne from VT

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The 2017 Calendar

We are happy to announce that we are again publishing our inspiring, page-a-day calendar, for the year 2017. The calendar consists of 365 healing statements from the Bible, Mary Baker Eddy, some other powerful Christian Science workers, such as Bicknell Young, Peter V. Ross, Rev. G. A. Kratzer, and Edward A. Kimball and other trusted sources. This calendar makes a great gift for anyone who can use the truth and it reaches the heart with a wonderful statement for each day of the year.

“I am so grateful for the quotes on the calendar that this church publishes. This year I sent three calendars to family members. They all said how much they were enjoying them. I recently received an email from my niece. She said the following: ‘My most favorite part of the day is when I go downstairs in the morning and look at my calendar and read my thought for the day. Most of them I really like and think about throughout the day. Some I LOVE and are totally fitting to the day. The one on my anniversary was on love — how did they know? I have a handful of papers I tore off and hung on my bulletin board because I didn’t want to get rid of them, and I enjoy reading them every time I walk by.’” — Janet from GA

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From His View “I” Am Free Now

Mrs. Roberts’ book is an invitation for willing and sincere seekers for truth, who are reaching out for an understanding of God, to help them in their study. She gives practical examples of how a life can be transformed when one reaches out to God for the understanding of man’s true self and freedom.

In this book, she shares some of the spiritual insights she has gained regarding: effective prayer, marriage, relationships, money, work, education, health, fear, love, safety, happiness, and true freedom, since studying Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy together with her Bible.

“Since reading and referring to From His View “I” Am Free Now, by Florence Roberts, I have shared this wonderful book with several people including a friend from Maine, who does not attend any church, but often discusses spiritual ideas with me. She told me she read the book silently, then aloud, and found peace about issues with her family. One grandson is a Marine and she often prays for him. Be sure to see page 46 where Mrs. Roberts includes a favorite hymn of her father entitled, “Brighten Your Corner Where Ever You Are.” I also loved the many references to the Bible throughout the book.” — Chardelle from PA

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Forum Highlights Quarterlies

Mrs. Florence Roberts — a practitioner with this church — has taken on the mission of culling the PlainfieldCS forums from our website for the best content. This forum is an excellent platform to share inspiration from the Bible lessons, a place to write how the Truth is made practical in daily life. Cultivating spiritual sense is most important in our spiritual growth, and participating in the Lesson Forum plays a major role to help us all LEARN, SHARE, and GROW!

“I would like to thank Florence Roberts for putting together all the past Forum posts for us to refer back to. I enjoy going to this site from time to time. Revisiting the past comments from our past Lessons give me an “uplift,” sometimes a chuckle, always something to think over during the day. They are all “healing gems.” Compiling all of these past Forum entries, I can imagine, is no easy task. Thank you for your love and dedication. I have found “The Forum Highlights” very useful.” — Heidi from MD

“The Forum has been a great comfort and has given wonderful encouragement. What a tremendous way to share what everyone is learning about God and Christ Jesus. Thank you!” — Chardelle from PA

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Bible Study

Join us Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time by teleconference, internet, Youtube or in person for our Bible Study.

Each week we go over questions that are available for download on our website, A different Bible story is discussed each week. Available also on our website are useful links for the King James Bible, commentaries, dictionary, etc. Everyone is invited to comment, and these sessions are instructive, joyous and blessing. Bring your answers and join us for one hour. Everyone is welcome.

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Join us Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time for our Roundtable discussion on our weekly lesson found on our website,, in our Quarterly, or full-text lesson book.

The lively discussions are instructive on living Christian Science in our daily lives, and how to correct our thinking about inharmonious events happening in the world. These Roundtables are available on our teleconference, internet, Youtube, or in person. Join us for 50 minutes, to be followed by our Sunday service.

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Christmas Eve Service

Every year, this service has been a holy and happy way to celebrate Christmas. It is also a great service to invite friends and relatives to. This year, the service will be held on Saturday, December 24 at 8 pm. As usual, it will be broadcast over the internet and through the teleconference center. Please plan on joining us for another holy Christmas Eve service!

“My husband and I had the privilege of attending the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent. What a thrill to see this beautiful church, standing as a beacon of Truth, with a banner inviting all to join this holy service. We were greeted by such warmth and love of the members, just like coming home! and the beautifully decorated and candlelit auditorium was the perfect atmosphere for this holy service. What a joy to listen and to sing along. I cherish every moment, and shared parts of the service with others on Saturday evening, who very much appreciated it. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all those dear members, who are standing strong and working diligently to send this message of the healing and saving Christ, Truth, out into the world. Thank you!” — Dale from VA

“I am very grateful for the Christmas Eve service last week. The singing was beautiful and the children’s voices brought joy to my heart. It was a great blessing that my family listened along with me and felt blessed by the Spirit of it, as well.” — Luanne from NY

Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in expression, form, outline, and color.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy

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Love is the liberator.